Family history is a great way to bring your loved ones together as you celebrate and explore your common roots. There are lots of great activities you can use to fill your family gatherings with family history fun! If you’re looking for a creative and e... read more recently introduced a new section on their website to help you preserve your special family memories: Recipes! I am so excited about this new feature because I love food and food traditions, and this resource has given me a little push to... read more

In preparation for a reunion with my mother’s extended family, we were all given the assignment to research one of our ancestors. Each family received a questionnaire that guided us through the process of getting to know some of the basic facts and ... read more

Every year, I make a special dinner with different rainbow-colored or green-colored foods to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my family. This year, however, the holiday took on a little more meaning to me. As I was searching my family tree on Family... read more

<![CDATA[ There are over 512,000 records available to search this Findmypast Friday, including; Norfolk Marriage Bonds 1557-1915 Browse Browse 444 volumes of marriage bonds from four ecclesiastical courts in their entirety. This collection contains ove... read more

<![CDATA[ There are over 730,000 records available to search this Findmypast Friday, including; England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935 The final 68,000 records have been added to our England and Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punish... read more

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We’re all part of a great missionary heritage. Whether your ancestors preached the gospel in far-off places hundreds of years ago or you’re the one leading the way in creating your family’s missionary story, we all have a connection to s... read more

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