If you have French heritage, you may be interested in six new census collections that were recently added to FamilySearch. France, Hérault, Census, 1906 France, Hérault, Census, 1876 France, Hérault, Census, 1891 France, Nord, Census, 1906 France, Côt... read more

<![CDATA[ There are over 782,000 new records available to search this weekend, including; Kent Baptisms Over 18,000 records have been added to our collection of Kent Baptisms. The new additions cover the parishes of from Bapchild, Brompton, Chatham, Ne... read more

by John de Jong I stood on a dike in the small village of Andijk, my ancestors’ home, looking out at the rough sea. It was easy to imagine my ancestors, hundreds of years earlier, preparing for an approaching gale. I was standing on a strong, modern dik... read more

For hundreds of years, access to historical records has been difficult and time-consuming for people trying to find information about their families. Searching for a record has often required scrolling through reels and reels of microfilm or looking throu... read more

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<![CDATA[ Over 128,000 brand new records are available to search this Findmypast Friday. Including; Easter Rising & Ireland Under Martial Law 1916-1921 Over 76,000 additional records have been added to our exclusive Easter Rising & Ireland Unde... read more

A Tool to Help You Prepare Successful Family History Experiences As a family history consultant, you facilitate one-on-one, heart-turning family history experiences. To make it simpler to prepare and deliver personalized lesson plans, the Family History D... read more

Nothing connects you with your ancestors like helping them receive sacred, essential temple ordinances. To help as many patrons have this experience as possible, FamilySearch periodically conducts automated searches to identify ancestors for patrons. You ... read more

<![CDATA[ British Columbia Estate Files Browse 1859-1949 British Columbia Estate Files contains over 783,000 records that allow you to delve through probate estate files pertaining to the judicial districts of British Columbia; the County Court and the... read more