Get the whole family involved in missionary work and family history.

Celebrate Your Missionary Heritage: Activities

Here are some great ways to get the whole family involved in turning missionary work into missionary fun!

Missionary coloring pages

Print out these missionary-themed coloring pages and give them to members of your family to color while you talk about your family’s missionary heritage. When you’re finished, you can display them in your home along with any pictures you find of your missionary ancestors!

Games and activity ideas

These links can help you get the whole family involved in the missionary spirit. Try a few of these activities and games for all ages!


Learning about missionary ancestors can tell us a lot about ourselves.

How much do you know about your ancestors’ missionary experiences? What do those stories mean to you and your family? They’re more than stories—see how learning about their missionary experiences can help shape yours.

Your Missionary Heritage

Learning about missionary ancestors can tell us a lot about ourselves.

We’re all part of a great missionary heritage. Whether your ancestors preached the gospel in far-off places hundreds of years ago or you’re the one leading the way in creating your family’s missionary story, we all have a connection to someone who made sacrifices, great or small, to share the good news of the gospel.

Database Research Tips

The Early Mormon Missionary Database provides historical records of missionary ancestors.

The Early Mormon Missionaries database contains journals, letters, photographs, and other resources that can help you learn more about your ancestors and their missionary service. Not sure where to start? We’ve provided a few simple tips to help you find your ancestors in the database.

Journals and Letters

Missionary journals and letters can provide a window into the past for family heritage.

Missionary journals and letters provide a special glimpse of what life was like for your missionary ancestors. Learn how you can preserve these important documents and pass on your ancestor’s story.


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