The Early Mormon Missionary Database provides historical records of missionary ancestors.

Soon after the Church was organized, thousands of men and women left their homes and families to preach the gospel all around the world. Some of your ancestors could be among them, and now you can get a closer look into their stories. The Early Mormon Missionaries website contains tens of thousands of digitized documents, including journals, letters, photographs, and other resources that can help you better understand your ancestors and their service.

You can search the Early Mormon Missionaries database by following a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your ancestor’s first or last name, mission, or keyword in the Search box.

    Add to the Early Mormon Missionary Database.

  2. If you know your ancestor’s mission or the dates he or she served, you can add those in the box on the left to help refine your search.

    The Early Mormon Missionary Database can help guide you to your missionary ancestors.

  3. Select the correct person in the list of results to learn more about that ancestor’s missionary service, including when and where he or she served, when he or she was called and set apart, and details about the mission he or she served in.


How much do you know about your ancestors’ missionary experiences? What do those stories mean to you and your family? They’re more than stories—see how learning about their missionary experiences can help shape yours.


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Database Research Tips

The Early Mormon Missionaries database contains journals, letters, photographs, and other resources that can help you learn more about your ancestors and their missionary service. Not sure where to start? We’ve provided a few simple tips to help you find your ancestors in the database.

Journals and Letters

Missionary journals and letters provide a special glimpse of what life was like for your missionary ancestors. Learn how you can preserve these important documents and pass on your ancestor’s story.


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