Did your ancestors immigrate to the United States and trek West during the 19th century? If they did, chances are they could be one of the 90,000 Latter-day Saint converts who heeded the call to come to Zion. You can now learn more than ever about these historic pioneers and their voyage to the United States thanks to the help of Saints by Sea—an incredible online collection about pioneer immigrants.

To see if your ancestor was an immigrant pioneer—and to discover his or her unique story—click the link below and sign in to your FamilySearch account. If you do not have an account, create a free account here. For better chances of finding a connection, learn how to add family members to your family tree.

FamilySearch will search your family tree for a connection to one of these early Latter-day Saint immigrants. If we find a connection, the results will look like this:

mormon pioneer immigrant, a familysearch screenshot

From the profile card, you can see how you are related to the ancestor by clicking View Relationship. You can also discover more about the person’s journey by clicking Discover Her Voyage (or Discover His Voyage). A Saints by Sea page will then give additional details about your ancestor and the journey. The page may even include accounts about the voyage itself!

A screenshot mormon pioneer immigrant ship information

Saints by Sea: The Story of Latter-day Saint Immigration

The data for this experience comes in part from Brigham Young University’s Saints by Sea collection. On the main page of Saints by Sea, you can search the name, place, ship, or even the date that you think is associated with a Latter-day Saint ancestor who voyaged to the United States. You can also explore the hundreds of firsthand and secondhand accounts of these immigrant pioneers.

Source: New on FamilySearch