<![CDATA[ We’ve been busy since our previous update , adding over 3.8 million new articles to our newspapers. Get searching. Over the past month, we’ve added 17 new titles and over 3.8 million articles to our newspaper collection from all o... read more

The history of many countries—including the United States and Canada—is filled with stories of immigrants, which, for many of us, means that our individual family histories are also filled with them. Your immigrant ancestors might have come from Italy... read more

​Dear Friends of the London FamilySearch Centre, Two vitally important matters for your information: 1.  WE ARE NOT CLOSED!  Many have come to The Archives and are surprised that we are still here.  We are here, and will be until at least March of 20... read more

by Annie Merrell Have you ever made it to the end of the day and wondered, “Where did all my time go?” Does family history frequently get pushed down on your to do list? Are you looking for simple ways to connect with your past and dive into t... read more

In one form or another, thousands of indexers shared their gratitude for the help of valued friends and leaders as they began indexing. While many tools and tutorials teach how to index, nothing compares to the guidance of a patient friend. The Best Resou... read more

<![CDATA[ Over 121,000 new Roman Catholic Parish records covering the Diocese of Westminster are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including: England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms Over 94,000 records covering parishes throughout the Catholic... read more