A staggering 56 million additional records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Lancashire Wills & Probate 1457-1858

Over 38,000 additional records taken from the Lancashire Archives Probate Index for the Archdeaconry of Chester have been added the collection. The new additions span the years 1700 to 1799 and consist of Supra wills. Surpa wills were wills where the deceased’s estate was valued at over £40.

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The records in this collection have been created by Findmypast from the original records held at the Lancashire Record Office. There is also a small collection of records which were created by the Lancashire and Cheshire Records Society. These records include an image of the index books published by the society that will reveal if your ancestor’s probate papers have survived through the centuries. The index will give you details about the type of material available, the probate year, and your ancestor’s occupation and residence.

Scotland, Newspaper Death Reports

Uncover details surrounding your Scottish ancestor’s death amongst more than 72,000 death notices printed in Scottish newspapers between1807 and 1990. Discover more about your relative’s life, while searching these publications you may be able to find out the date of their death and the names of their parents or spouse.

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Death notices were paid announcements usually written by a family member and sent to the newspaper. It would have been a cost to the family to have a notice in a newspaper. The titles and publication years covered by this collection include:

  • Inverness Herald (1839-1846)
  • Inverness Journal & Northern Advertiser (1807-1823)
  • Northern Ensign & Weekly Gazette (1850-1855)
  • The Aberdeen Journal (1823-1839)
  • The Scotsman (1852-1854)
  • The Shetland News (1885-1963)
  • The Shetland Times (1872-1990)

Scotland, Renfrewshire, Paisley Poll Tax 1695

Did your ancestors that lived in Paisley? Search these Poll Tax records from 1695, the tax was introduced to raise funds to pay off debts such as pay arrears of pay due to the army. During the reign of William and Mary Poll taxes were imposed in 1694, 1695 and twice in 1698, the funds raised from the tax would be used to pay off debts, funds overseas wars and the defence of the kingdom. The amount of tax due by each individual varied, it was based upon rank and means, however the very poor and children were exempt from paying the tax.

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Each record includes a transcript of the original record, the amount of information in each record varies, you may find a combination of your ancestor’s occupation and the name of their employer, spouse or parent.

United States Directories & Almanacs

93 volumes of New York City Directories spanning the years 1786 to 1923 are now available to search. These new directories record the names and addresses of city residents, businesses, churches, schools, police stations, courts, and other government offices, as well as the names of individuals associated with those institutions. They also feature images, including maps, illustrations of buildings, and advertisements.

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Each record is available in a PDF format. Use the previous and next buttons at the top of the page to browse through the publication. The detail in each record will vary depending on the publication but most will include business listings and usually descriptions of the local area.

New World Collections from Mexico

Findmypast is going global! In the first of many new global releases, over 55 million transcripts of Mexican baptisms, marriages and burials spanning 390 years of Mexican history between 1560 and 1950 are now available to search. These new records were brought to Findmypast through the International Genealogical Index and will be joined by a wide range of new collections covering Central America and the Caribbean in the coming months.

Search the Mexico Baptism Index 1560-1950

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Our new Mexican baptisms list birth year, baptism date, location and parent’s names. Marriages will reveal marriage dates, locations as well as the residence and parent’s names for both the bride and groom. Burials list year of death, place of death, place of burial, date of burial and relative’s name.

British & Irish newspaper update

This week we have made available 164,440 new pages to view. We are delighted to welcome two brand new titles to the collection: the Middlesex County Times and the Sunday Independent (Dublin).

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We also have significant updates to some of our existing titles, including The People, where added years span 1881 to 1980, and the Penny Illustrated Paper. There are also updates to the Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough and the Yorkshire Evening Press.

Source: Find My Past – Friday Blog