​Dear Friends of the London FamilySearch Centre,

Two vitally important matters for your information:

1.  WE ARE NOT CLOSED!  Many have come to The Archives and are surprised that we are still here.  We are here, and will be until at least March of 2019.  New missionaries have been assigned to replace those that are scheduled to go home.  We still have all the computers and all the subscription websites.  Well over half of our old microfilms, plus thousands more English films, are online and viewable at our centre.  We miss you and hope you will return.

2.  MICROFILM ORDERING WILL END 31 AUGUST 2017. FamilySearch announced yesterday that film circulation will end after 31 August.  Films can be ordered online up until that date.  Films can still be sent and viewed at our facility at the National Archives if ordered by 31 August.  The complete announcement can be seen here:

We hope soon to have a list of the films that are online and viewable at the centre.  We will have more information in the future about the online films.  If you have a question about a specific film, please contact us by email at UK_London@LDSmail.net or by telephone at 020 7859 8561 during our opening hours.

Elder Don Inskeep

Director, London FamilySearch Centre
The National Archives, Kew