family-history-consultantsDuring the Family History Leadership Session at RootsTech 2018, Elder Bradley D. Foster, General Authority Seventy and Executive Director of the Family History Department, invited each temple and family history consultant to “go to the many resources on” to get help as each strives to minister one by one to those they are called to serve.

One of those many resources is a new “Learn about My Calling” page now available on FamilySearch.

This page highlights the three most important things to learn and do in your calling as a temple and family history consultant:

  1. Learn from the prophets and apostles.
  2. Have a personalized family history experience.
  3. Learn how to help others using key principles.

Visit the new Learn About My Calling page on

In conjunction with this page, newly called temple and family history consultants will receive emails inviting them to visit this page and contact the right helper, who can guide them in learning their calling.

Area and stake temple and family history consultants will also receive an email informing them when a new consultant has been called and how to contact him or her to provide the training the new consultant will need to help others.

Throughout this page and these emails, you will find inspirational videos and specific instructions that will help you to minister to others, one by one, as the Savior did. These resources, when used with prayer and guidance from the Holy Ghost, will assist you in helping others discover, gather, and connect with their families. Visit the Learn about My Calling page today to learn more.


Source: New on FamilySearch