Learn about your ancestors' occupations and why that information is important to family history.

You may have never thought of your career as a piece of family history, but it is! Have you ever wondered if your ancestors were carpenters, traders, farmers, architects, or perhaps even royalty? The careers your ancestors led come with intriguing stories and hint at the kinds of lives they led, what their social classes were, and what their interests were. The same is true about the jobs you and your family hold.

Take the time to learn about your ancestors’ occupations and preserve stories about your own jobs today. There’s no better time than now, and we’ve gathered ideas to help you get started on the research! You may even learn that you have more in common with some of your ancestors than you think.

How to research ancestor occupations and why it is important.

Read about the occupational heritage of family businesses.

Test your knowledge of extinct jobs your ancestors may have held.



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