temple and family history consultants and leaders, you help bless thousands of
lives on both sides of the veil, and family trees are flourishing.

In the past two years, adjustments have been made to temple and family history callings that affect reports. Know that the continued service you do, including making historical records searchable online through indexing, creates opportunities for others to discover their ancestors and is essential to the work of salvation.

Adjustments to Temple and Family History Callings

On October 6, 2018, the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve announced adjustments to the temple and family history leadership on the ward level. (See the October 6, 2018, notice starting with “Responsibilities of Elders Quorum and Relief Society…” in the Official Communication Library.) Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve further explained the organization of this new leadership in the 2019 Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction meeting on February 28, 2019.

Bishop talking with youth consultant about indexing report.

As we implement these adjustments, there will be some modifications in access and administrative rights to reports that show family history activity and ward indexing.

Family History Activity Report

Ward and stake councils and the temple and family history leader of the ward will have access to the family history activity report, which is found in Leader and Clerk Resources on

Indexing Group Administrators

elders quorum president and the temple and family history leader of each ward
will have administrative rights for the ward indexing group. The bishop
will also be able to view the group indexing reports. Stake consultants will continue to
manage stake indexing groups.

If you need information from the family history activity or indexing reports, please contact your ward temple and family history leader. These adjustments create an opportunity for ward leaders and consultants to work closely together in helping ward members with temple and family history.

The Influence of a Consultant

A consultant serving under the direction of the elders quorum presidency or a temple and family history leader can greatly affect the excitement in a ward for temple and family history efforts, including indexing.

In the 2019 Temple and Family History Leadership Instruction meeting, Elder Renlund said, “Having a group of dedicated people come together generates enthusiasm for the work, and it keeps temple and family history work on the mind of ward leaders as they serve ward members.” Your expertise in and passion for temple and family history work blesses those you help in your ward and others beyond the veil.

Family history consultant helping family.

The Impact of Indexing

In 2018, hundreds of thousands of indexers
helped make 122.2 million additional searchable records available online. Over
the years, they have indexed 3.98 billion records. Many people have been able
to discover and connect with their families thanks to the work of volunteer

FamilySearch indexing and volunteer hours from 2018.

Source: New on FamilySearch