Read some 2018 RootsTech class presentations online through FamilySearch.

RootsTech, the largest family history conference in the world, teaches attendees about important research skills and useful resources. After RootsTech, return to this page to access content from 8 FamilySearch classes presented at RootsTech 2018. Refresh what you learned at RootsTech (or discover what you missed) with downloadable presentations, helpful links, and interviews with the presenters.


FamilySearch’s Future

What will FamilySearch look like in the future?


FamilySearch Apps

How to use FamilySearch mobile apps in your genealogy research.


Finding Records

Finding elusive family history records on FamilySearch.


FamilySearch & Ancestry

How to use FamilySearch and Ancestry together to make progress in your family history research.

Nordic Records

Find your Nordic ancestors with records from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and more on FamilySearch.

Hispanic Records

Find your Mexican ancestors with records from Mexico on FamilySearch.

WWI Records

Find your ancestors from World War 1 with records on FamilySearch.

Netherlands Records

Find your Dutch ancestors with records from the Netherlands on FamilySearch.


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