Who were your ancestors?

It doesn’t matter whether your ancestors were famous, infamous, or as awesomely ordinary as a milkman. Knowing their stories—their successes, failures, joys, and sorrows—can bless your life with strength and inspiration.

Get started making discoveries with 2 simple steps on FamilySearch:

Step 1: Add what you know to Family Tree.

  • Add your parents and grandparents to start your tree. Anything you add about a living individual is viewable only by you.
  • Consider contacting other family members who may have missing information about your ancestors.  

Step 2: Watch for hints.

  • We’ll use information you add about your deceased relatives to automatically search historical records for more details about your family story.
  • Blue “record hint” icons mean that we found a record that might have information that will help you find your ancestors. 

Why a Family Tree?

How a Family Tree will help you research your ancestors.

How Records Can Help

How can records help you find your ancestors?

More Family History Help

The resources will help you get started as you search for your ancestors.


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